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 How to make big saving from your shopping

It is no longer excusable these days to shop without any form of bargain or purchasing at prices much less than is recommended and expected - generally described as a deal.

Well, some of us do have lotto cash and still enjoy handing back money without a bargain and this is perfectly fine and a matter for individual choice and preferences.

Shopping online is now undeniably the best way to save money effortlessly with unlimited options to compare prices. Thanks to ecommerce revolution.


Ecommerce is transforming the way we live our lives today. No longer do you have to prawl the streets hunting down bargains.  Business the ecommerce way translates to doing business in a multichannel online marketplace without walls.

That means businesses no longer have to maintain expensive office space at city centres to promote sale.  Prices fall as a direct response to lowering over heads and competition can be swift as merchants try to pass on saving to consumers. It is therefore a logical and perfect human response to follow price action to hunt down the saving.

Enquiring is the very minimum outcome so here is how to benefit and how it works:

Ten point plan to saving money online.

In these ten points to saving online you will find out how to take advantage of online savings.

It is always advisable to find something you need and then think about savings and not the other way round. Since we are talking about savings, you do not save money if you are buying something you are not going to put to immediate use. At the very least this is money wasting.

In this starting block the assumption is you have found something you need and would like to make a quick savings.

  1.  How to save Quick 5 – 20% anytime

The first point to look out for is the email and first timer’s saving promotion or promo codes. This works for most stores or merchants and it is called getting the customer through the door to have you look around. But it doesn’t matter what it is called what you want is make a quick savings. This is my first must do to save money online and you will make between 5-15% as a first timer.

  1. How to save Quick 20 – 30% follow on shopping

Next is 20 - 30% follow up offer. The first point I will normally link to the second point. You have gotten 5 -15% off email first time offer what follows is usually a limited time promo code for your next purchase and this can be very close in succession and you are done with quick save as a first timer. So going into a new shop has to be strategic don't empty your wallet in one visit. Spend in moderation and expect a higher discount offer for you next shopping.

  1. Flash sale – how to take advantage of it.

In the absence of  major seasonal factors in place, flash sale play the role of keeping buyer interested in shopping. They are usually a 24hour event but can last up to seven days on occasions. They usually come with coded word ''extra'' meaning there is an impending sale ongoing. However, before you get carried away check the sales section to see the discounts and if the extra discount on offer is worth taking. Is there room for further discounts? This is the question that helps you decide that the discount and extra offers is worth taking now. If both discounts added up to less than 50% or just about then my advice is wait for the final sale. Final sale in this case is usually final. When it is gone, it is gone. But be aware the you may not get exactly what you would have wished for in colour and size.

  1. Seasonal sale

Seasonal sale this is season responsive merchants are looking to free up storage space for new season order deliveries. Playing seasonal sales can be tricky and therefore you need some savvy knowledge to make the best savings off the season. You know a good sale when you see one. My advice is if you are not conversant with the product and do know the going price, pass it for another opportunity.

  1. Clearance sale.

This is usually the sale before the new season starts. Chances are that you may hardly find what you are looking for in size except you are very lucky.

  1. Locality Discounts

Selected offers may be locality based. It is always worth looking out for these offers to see if you can take advantage of it. You may know a friend who can take advantage of the offer in the locality. Sharing tips is one of the many ways we encourage in our forum.

  1. Limited offers

Offers have conditions generally attached before they can be redeemed. Looking out for these conditions ensures you do not miss good offers.

  1. Monthly promotion.

Every month registered members get special membership offers as membership promotion. 

  1. Free delivery.

Free delivery may come as a standard store promotion if you spend up to certain amount. It may also come as a promotion limited by time. Find out if delivery is free before you shop and if it is not, worth looking around for a free delivery store to shop what you want afterall, every little helps.

  1. Buy one and get one free

Lastly buy one and get one free is common place in every store, one of the more renowned promotions. However I believe this is worth taking if it is something you really need. It is no use blocking up useful storage space with stuff you don’t need. This can provide real valuable savings to your wallet. Naturally, there is a saying ''you cannot go wrong to buy one and take another free''

These are some of the ways you save big every time you shop online and off.


By Chris Ifeogwu

Freelance Writer