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Terms of use

Terms of Use

Hotnewpricedeals doesn't sell any of the products listed on the site. Essentially Hotnewpricedeals is a free web publication that provides information on the best deals around the web circus and stores. As these are not information we control changes may take place without prior notices including deal prices.

Hotnewpricedeals is not responsible for the claims or conduct of the merchants mentioned in the deals we report, however we take seriously any concerns or negative shopping or buying experiences of our readers and endeavours to provide deals from only reputable merchants. Therefore we will track complaints:

  1. To alerts Merchants of our readers conerns and monitor their response and progress.
  1. Possibly avoid listings from merchants who are unresponsive to complaints.
  1. This is however not a public complaint channel and only intended strictly for use by Hotnewpricedeals readers. So if you come across information by ways not related to Hotnewpricedeals. We advise you not to use it for your complaints if it is not related to hotnewpricedeals.

Complaints Type

  • Prolong delays in shipping,
  • Inaccurate pricing,
  • Customer abuse,
  • Fraudulent intents,
  • Poor customer service issues.

* We will only contact you if we have a follow-up question or information from the merchant in your report. The use of our complaints procedures does not constitute a warrantee but what we consider as ethical and fair to good business relations practice. To be considered a valid complaint, please include your first name, last name, and email address.